June 5th, 2003

don't fear death

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ok, this is weird.....i really don't put much in the stars, but astrocenter so often hits my horoscope dead on (thanks, eric!)

If you've been considering forming a new partnership of any kind, MAIA, this is the time to do it. This could involve a business partnership, creative activities, or romance. If you've been thinking of getting married, this is the day to set the date! However, don't be surprised if your insecurities come up right before presenting the idea to your partner. The enthusiasm of all partners, however, is likely to be equal to yours. Go for it!

this grant requires at least three partnerships. i sent out emails tonight to all my partners....i have for sure three in the proposal, but thought i would reach out for more. it sure as hell doesn't imply marriage! and, of course, i am insecure in my ability to write a winning a proposal. i always am in the days before it is due. and the way it ends.....in my partner emails i told them that this was perfect for us and i was going for it!

and.....it could mean romance too ;)