June 4th, 2003

don't fear death

horrorscopes turn sweet?

i was just beginning to think today's horoscope was meaningless today. i read it this mroning and found a feather of hope that i would find the money i needed for the center today....

A gathering of people interested in social, political, spiritual, or humanitarian issues could take place at your home tonight, MAIA. The question of fundraising could come up. Some intense discussion could follow which awakens some pretty deep feelings within you - and this is likely to transform your life in some way. You aren't likely to ever view the world the same way again. This is called "growth" - and even though you're not the same, you're probably better for it.

well, maybe not at a gathering. but i did just get an email with an RFP that is absolutely perfect for my project. it is as if it was tailor made!!! 100k a year. woo-hoo! and they announce grantees on July 8! so the money would come soon. which means...of course...it is due by midnight next friday. so, you see, i can't take this weekend off either.

and getting this grant would have a huge transformation on my life that i will only share if i get it ;)

fingers and toes crossed.....

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