June 3rd, 2003

don't fear death


i'm a bad daughter. i forgot to call my mother on her birthday. i was reminded by a call very late last night and a tipsy voice on the other end telling me to wish my mother a happy birthday. she always calls me before i remember to call her. but, truth is, last night, i completely forgot.
i am terrible with remembering birthdays and anniversaries and such. i am immediately overcome with a sense of guilt when someone says, "do you know what today is?"
for the most part, i always thought it silly when people make anniversaries of the day they met, the day they did this, or that. just too many days to remember! i hardly remember my own birthday, i have a terrible memory anyway. if i didn't use the world's supply of post it notes and scribble things on my palms i would never get anything done.
i went in early today. was at my desk expecting an 8am appointment that never showed. i hate that. i never leave before 9pm, so i really don't like to be there before 9am. i even gave her my cell number to call if she wouldn't make it. rude.
so, i just got home and i am utterly exhausted and ready to crawl into bed. thien is fed and i am way too tired for dinner myself.
i think i am going to go to Travis' Dark Party in Houston on the 28th. it will be nice to get away and nice to see Travis again.
ok, enough rambles.....bed time.
good night, cyber world.