May 26th, 2003

don't fear death

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spent last night and today at mom's for memorial day. i haven't seen her in months because i have just been working too much. it was a nice weekend.
beautiful and sunny, but not too hot. only a few minutes after i got home it started to storm. quite a storm too. lots of wind and the boat was rocking. i walked out and saw xena hanging out with boy toy again. no baby duckies. i looked up and down the piers until i was too wet. first there were three....then two.... the bass are known to eat them. :(
my neighbor sold his boat and they took it away a couple of days ago so there is no one on my port side. i can leave all the drapes open on that side and let the morning sun pour in.
i have two kittens. i cannot keep them...not enough room. but i work in a neighborhood where animals are target practice and subject to other violent things, so i brought them home. there were two more and a mother, but they were killed. i have to feed them every four hours. they are so tiny. want kittens?