April 18th, 2003

don't fear death

friday five

1. Who is your favorite celebrity?
audrey hepburn

2. Who is your least favorite?
the fox news crew

3. Have you ever met or seen any celebrities in real life?

4. Would you want to be famous? Why or why not?
no.....too much attention and too little privacy

5. If you had to trade places with a celebrity for a day, who would you choose and why?
probably a politician. it only takes a day to make a great impact. or a very very rich celebrity and i would give all my money to charity in one day.
don't fear death

long time passing

i haven't had much time nor much motivation to write lately. seems notcrazy, my son, is posting more than i am and convincing his readers that his mother is truly certifiable, backing it up with strange pics of his mother. if only i had known i was being set up!
i've been swamped with work these days. obviously, i didn't go to iraq. humanitarian teams are having trouble getting in anyway and are holed up in hotels in jordon and kuwait. not my idea of fun. so i have become hyperfocused on my current work, working 70 hour weeks without a break.
anyway, i am going to try and take a break and go to the party this weekend and am surely taking sunday off....i'm a flag bearer in the easter parade.
i am discovering that i think part of my crazy work schedule is fear of slowing down. when i do slow down my thoughts drift back to Chris and it saddens me. i've started wondering how differently it would be if someone else had taken his life.....instead of it being his choice and his act. not that it would be easier, but it would be different.
once again, i am going to try and start posting more often!

don't fear death

(no subject)

You are the Marquis De Sade. Even stripped of
exaggerations, Your real life was as dramatic
and as tragic as a cautionary tale. Born to an
ancient and noble house, you were married
(against your wishes) to a middle-class heiress
for money, caused scandals with prostitutes and
with your sister-in-law, thus enraging your
mother-in-law, who had you imprisoned under a
lettre de cachet for 14 years until the
Revolution freed you. Amphibian, protean,
charming, you became a Revolutionary,
miraculously escaping the guillotine during the
Terror, only to be arrested later for
publishing your erotic novels. You spent your
final 12 years in the insane asylum at
Charenton, where you caused another scandal by
directing plays using inmates and professional
actors. You died there in 1814, virtually in
the arms of your teenage mistress.
You are a revolutionary deviant. I applaud you.

Which Infamous criminal are you?
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