February 13th, 2003

don't fear death

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semagic ate my post yesterday. so i ended up with a blank post that reflected a blank mood. i was too lazy to start writing it again from scratch.
last night i went to listen to speakers in support of war at loyola. i do keep an open mind, but i have yet to hear an argument in support of war that moves me. i was especially unmoved by counselor rue who based his argument on 9/11, stating that we must get rid of the "vermin" who kill innocent people. when asked if american fell into the "vermin" category since innocents will die at america's hand, he said "no". i believe 98% of the twenty or so people who showed up were anti-war there to listen too.
tonight is condom stuffing night at CAN. so please come out and help us stuff little bags of condoms to hand out during mardi gras! 507 Frenchman Street from 6 to 9. see you there!