February 10th, 2003

don't fear death

on the road again.....

so....i've been torn between staying home or heading off on a new adventure in the east....the middle east. it is a tough choice because of all the work i have done here lately. so, i did my usual decision making process. i opened my desk drawer and pulled out a coin. heads, i stay. tails, i go. it was tails. ok, two out of three. heads. tails. but, wait.....the coin is a franc, maybe i should try an american coin. i find a quarter. this time it is one flip. one flip only. same. heads, i go. tails, i stay. i toss the coin over my desk and watch as it falls between stacks of files, the office electric bill and a book on immigration laws. i slide the book away to find the coin, careful not to change my flip. tails.
i dated a man once who was highly irritated with my method for making major life decisions. i don't know if he ever knew that it was a coin toss that made me get on a train to switzerland to meet him, but he did know it was the toss of a coin that made me get on a train out of switzerland. i've never handled personal decisions well (i don't make professional decisions this way, i promise). i just don't want to spend the time it takes to go through all the motions of decision making. oh, i've tried them all. the pro/con list, the advice of friends, family and strangers and predictions of outcomes. it is just so much easier and faster to flip a coin.
if....no, when i take this job it will be short notice. i was told i would probably leave within three weeks.... it seems to hinge on when/if war is declared. other organizations i know are now preparing teams to leave for iraq should america declare war. my passport is up to date and my backpack is ready to be filled. i've told my mother and close friends.....ummm...i guess now i have told anyone else who reads here too.
anyway, i guess i won't be able to officially announce it until a couple of days in advance. it is only a six month contract.....six months goes fast..... i want to go. i will miss everyone and i will miss hot water, but i want to go.


don't fear death

time for a change

Your Daily Horoscope for February 11, 2003

Dear MAIA,
MAIA, you may discover today that you have a talent for something you've never even thought about. If you always stick to what you know, how will you ever experience anything new? Trying your talents in this unexplored area must not mean that you have to excel in this new field. As long as you are completely absorbed and have fun doing it, you will enjoy a positive experience. Don't shy away from this discovery - go with the flow!