February 8th, 2003

don't fear death

tolerance and diversity

seems my last post evoked a "it was nice knowing you" email from someone with whom i have been communicating and looked forward to getting to know. he said little about my post except to paste my comment about not blaming [personally] the men who brought down the planes on 9/11. i want to further clarify my statement. but, first, i've no doubt the men who did this horrible act lost someone in some way related to the acts of an american. terrorism is war. war is terrorism. these men were soldiers in the same way that american soldiers have killed innocent people for decades. they didn't wear a uniform, but neither do CIA agents around the world who carry out, by orders, acts of terrorism.
again, america laid the cluster bombs that have killed an maimed thousands of innocent afghan children.
approximately 2800 innocent people died 9/11, since then america has killed about 5000 innocent afghans. "collateral damage", washington calls it.
Muhammad Sarwar, lost his wife Aziza and seven other family members. "Maybe he wasn't a very good pilot," he murmurs. "We like the Americans."
at least 500 innocents were killed by americans during kosovo air strikes.
an american missile nearly destroyed a serbian village, killing many children and innocent civilians. american cluster bombs also killed many children there. why do we make those things to look like toys and use the same color for food packets?? and why does america refuse to sign the mine ban treaty?
what about belgrade?
pristina and the murder of a large group of refugees trying to flee?
countless other acts.....
again, do i blame the individuals responsible for these acts? no, i blame the governments, the leaders, the financial supporters and the systems. (obviously this attack was well organized and highly funded) these men were not only following through orders, but fighting a cause in which they believed. were they any different than the american pilot who dropped a bomb on a kabul hospital killing seventeen women in the maternity ward? sure....because it is ok for america. especially as a retaliation. right? or because it was an accident and innocent casualties of war are acceptable. but that is not my point.
the american media has a big part to play in the ignorance of her "patriots". when an event happens in this country that kills a handful of people, we mourn for weeks publicly. "how terribly sad"...."what a disaster".... yet, when an act by america kills as many abroad it rarely gets media coverage. we are a self-absorbed lot under a hypocritical government. why do we only care about events close to home and shrug off greater or equal disasters in other countries?
i wonder how many americans are aware that their tax dollars support terrorism by americans in other nations....
today our country is at the second highest terrorist warning. i heard, on the news last night, a man say that we don't know what could happen. he said we didn't do anything to provoke 9/11. "Didn't do anything to provoke it??" i shouted back at my tv. heavens, i would hate to see how america provokes!
if there is blame to be laid for the acts of the terrorists upon america, then there must be blame to be laid for the acts of american terrorists upon other countries and innocents. america has blown up hospitals, apartment buildings and embassies outside of the name of "war". we just don't see these acts plastered and replayed over and over on our own television screens. please don't misunderstand me. i don't sympathize with the men that committed these acts. i am not defending them. the picture is just much bigger than individual blame. i'm just saying we have done the same thing, a hundred times over. i have difficulty with double standards. if you are going to personally blame the men who boarded those planes with their deadly intentions, then you should equally blame the americans who have killed innocent victims too.
the deaths of innocent civilians is never acceptable.
if i make enemies with my posts, so be it. i truly hold respect for anyone's opinion and right to it. but if there is someone out there against my posts who has spent time in a country that america has ravaged, directly or indirectly, (isreal, rwanda, turkey, iraq, indonesia, chile.....), i would especially like to hear from you.