January 8th, 2003

don't fear death

credit where credit was forgotten....

went around collecting college transcripts today. amazing how much we forget as we age. i was concerned not only about having to take math, but some sciences to possibly earn a BS along the way into the Masters program (mine is a BA). it just so happens i have biology and anatomy and physiology. got an A in the former and a B in the latter. and i didn't even remember taking them! i also have a government class i didn't remember taking in which i earned a B. wow.... nice plus. a sign to go through with this back to school thing.

i seem to be a magnet for manic-depressives. i wonder why.... perhaps it is because i am manic by nature and when they are manic they are drawn to me. but i don't drop....oh, i have had a couple of bouts of depression in my life but each has been a direct result of what would depress any normal person.
in one of my old ads i specifically stated that "if your medicine chest is full of anti-depressants you can close this page now". but that doesn't exclude those who should be on medication! maybe i should adopt a personality test the way people use that silly BDSM checklist. ;)

score: U-2 VS/HJ
(this is a secret contest between briarroseno and me... don't ask, we won't tell ;)