January 7th, 2003

don't fear death

mardi gras has begun

the holiday season gives way to a new season...mardi gras! i am excited. it has been three years since i have been home for mardi gras. briarroseno and i went to a twelfth night party with a couple of dear friends at Coffee and Friends, where our new friend Allie works. Allie was in the fetish contest with us new year's eve and we took to her right away. ;)
after we went to la peniche for a breakfast dinner. minus the tomatoes, i think they have the best eggs benedict around.
i was also a little disappointed that someone (didn't write about him here) i had been seeing hasn't called. he was on vacation for a couple of weeks out of town and only called once. he said he would call for christmas and never did. i don't know why i was disappointed....vanilla probably doesn't have a future. but i really enjoyed hanging out with him and thought we would be friends. he has been back in town a few days now and not a word. then again, i am probably a bit too strange for him... and he is a republican.... whatever ;)
my horrorscope for the week:
Love is all around you like flies on poop this week. Just say what's on your mind, and things will get hotter in the bedroom than a bag of dog crap set on fire and left on some poor soul's doorstep on Goosey Night.


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