December 29th, 2002

don't fear death


its been a great weekend. one of those weekends that just make you smile and think "life is pretty good!"
Friday night was filled with new smiles and new conversation. sharing a delicious dinner at my favorite restaurant, a night that woke the butterflies in my tummy and on my flesh, and a lunch during which the conversation made up for the mediocre food. hours that left me grinning the rest of the day. :)
an unusually quiet party with some strange energy and a new play partner. i found that i just adore dragon tails in talented hands. mmmm...thank you.
an evening that ended at dawn among friends and enlightening discussions. i learned a lot about myself... amazing what we can see when we look through another's eyes. maybe i will write more on that later.... someone has informed me that i should be posting here more often, so i need to save some words. ;)
back to work tomorrow.... this weekend thing is something new for me, and i am enjoying it. weekends have always been work days for me - Saturday and Sunday just like another person's Monday and Tuesday. now i don't want to work on weekends. is this what they call a life? ;) so, if you know anyone who wants to do some volunteer work on weekends do let me know!
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