October 13th, 2002

don't fear death


it seems more females blog than males...
just an observation....

and i am feeling lonely tonight....

did you dance with death when she came to you
and taunted you with escape from today's pain
as you looked upon the secret skeletons
creeping from your psychological closet
dark enough to make you forget my light?

what did she offer you to go with her
into that last night not so gentle
what promises did she make strong enough
for you to forget the promises you made to me
was she so beautiful to tempt you away
from the beauty of what was us?

what words did she whisper to your heart as you
toyed with gray steel and fingered the trigger
what did she exchange for your rage with me
and the angry demons hiding in your soul
did she place her cold hand over yours
when you blew all my dreams away?