September 22nd, 2002

don't fear death

gathering strength

i am feeling much stronger today. some strange things have happened this weekend that i can't explain and won't try to, but i believe he has said goodbye.
i have never believed much in communications from the dead and the only merit i want to put in what happened is to embrace the sense of peace it has given me and move forward with life. i will miss him always. i will love him always. he said so often that everything happens for a reason. it used to drive me nuts when he said that because i did not believe it. yet, i think he touched my life for a reason....teaching me how i can feel and love with complete abandon. it may never happen for me in this lifetime again, but it was enough....the way he touched my life, however short a time i had as his. bardo ended yesterday and he is on his way to his new life. ironically his father spread his ashes yesterday too, in his favorite place in la paz.
my life won't be new, but it has surely changed.
thank you, my love, for all you gave to me while you were here. i wish you peace and happiness and love and comfort in your next lifetime. a part of me travels with you.
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