August 21st, 2002

don't fear death


staying busy with the job stuff...seminars all day long til Sunday. DC is hot but the entire hotel is freezing. i am glad i brought along a sweater. i am exhausted.
the job will be a major personal challenge as well as an intellectual one. the personal challenge is living 5% above the poverty line...part of the program - living as those we serve do. we even have the option to get food stamps and other government subsidies to be able to see "how it feels". what a pride thing. we talked about how many of us would want to go to markets away from our hometown and ones open all night so no one sees us using them. isn't that awful? jumping from making about 80k a year to less than 10k! it will be will be will be fun. please send money, food and clothing!!
intellectually it will be a challenge because i will be working in some new areas of asset development to which i have never been exposed.
i am starting a new life...shedding some old skins and a very old soul.
my guru told me October would be a good month. i wish it would get here quickly.