July 19th, 2002

don't fear death

klingon sex

is this thing that we do about violence? this is the question that has been trotting in the playground of my mind for the last few days. some, i think, yes. but is it "fundamentally" about violence? when i posed this question to a list, one of the answers was "we hurt each other so of course it is about violence." it is not near as simple as that. fundamentally? no, i think not. fundamentally, rarely is violence even about violence. it draws from a place within the mind and manifests itself through violence, but it isn't about it. yet, if this is the case, does it mean violence is manifested through our acts of sadomasochism? or that sadomasochism is manifested through our desires for violence? or does it really matter which it is if the violence is consensual violence?
i was fascinated to read a study in Psychosomatic Medicine not long ago on a fairly new disorder called "violent sleep sex". the patients ranged from making sexual sounds in their sleep, to periods of violent masturbation and six men and one woman who made violent sexual advances on their partners. interesting. of course, from a scientific frame of mind, we treat the "disease" with valium or some such drug and lock it away in its damp little mental cell. but is there more here?
in our lifestyle we have a venue for violence. we can approach it in a healthy manner...some of us can even accept it as a need. this allows us to bypass the disassociation process that criminal violent sex offenders go through. barring consensuality, i wonder if it is the only thing that does. a criminal begins with fantasies that escalate to behavior. the crime becomes the live videotape of his fantasies in which the victim plays the main role. parallel with what we do, so far. next, the criminal plays on his fantasy to feed his control. by integrating a victim into his fantasy he controls the scene therein. In Mass Murder, America's Growing Menace, Levin and Joy say, "Domination unmitigated by guilt is a crucial element in serial crimes with a sexual theme. Not only does sadistic sex-- consensual or forcible --express the power of one person over another, but in serial homicides, murder enhances the killers sense of control over his victims." with me so far? same, consensual or not, right? but i think the line that separates "them" from "us" begins at disassociation. violent sex offenders knows this type of behavior is not socially acceptable, so it becomes almost another personality (but not split personality disorder...it is intentional and almost genuisly so), while the "normal" personality is perfectly socially acceptable. so much so, that we are often surprised how "normal" these offenders appeared....your next door neighbor, teacher, a social worker....
ok, surely there are many other distinctions between an SMer and a violent sexual offender. but, my point (i think) is we don't want to admit that violence is a part of what we do because it is too close to criminal sexual violence. however, criminal sexual violence isn't about violence either. it is about control...so are we.
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don't fear death

AIDS or Depression?

Does semen have antidepressant properties?
Gallup GG Jr, Burch RL, Platek SM.
Department of Psychology,
State University of New York at Albany,
Albany, New York, USA.
In a sample of sexually active college females, condom use, as an indirect measure of the presence of semen in the reproductive tract, was related to scores on the Beck Depression Inventory. Not only were females who were having sex without condoms less depressed, but depressive symptoms and suicide attempts among females who used condoms were proportional to the consistency of condom use. For females who did not use condoms, depression scores went up as the amount of time since their last sexual encounter increased. These data are consistent with the possibility that semen may antagonize depressive symptoms and evidence which shows that the vagina absorbs a number of components of semen that can be detected in the bloodstream within a few hours of administration.
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don't fear death

eat more beef?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - ConAgra Foods Inc. has launched the nation's second-largest recall of ground beef because of potential contamination with a deadly bacteria that has sickened at least 16 people, the U.S. Agriculture Department said on Friday.

and just when are you people going to realize the cows are getting even?


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