November 17th, 2001

don't fear death

the leonids are coming....the leonids are coming!!

starting tonight through the 19th the leonids will be flying through the sky. i will be getting up in the wee hours Sunday to make chai and share the beauty with a friend. i am fascinated by the leonids, the comet tempel-tuttle's debris. temple-tuttle sweeps through the solar system every 33 years. they are predicting a hell of a meteor storm because the earth will pass right through the main leonid debris cloud. i don't want to miss it. there are very few things capable of getting me out of bed so early! over 8000 shooting stars an hour!
At around 12.00 GMT on 18 November the Earth will pass through streams left behind in 1766 and 1799. About five hours later we will hit streams from 1866, 1833 and three fainter ones from the seventeenth century.
time travel :) isn't it amazing?
isn't it also humbling? how small we are compared to the greater things of the universe.
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