November 16th, 2001

don't fear death

i get by on a little help from my friends....

i am a lucky girl. tonight i am sitting online chatting with a dear friend. today i spent some time catching up on emails with other friends. of all the things we have in life, friends are most important. sometimes they drift in and out of our lives but, in essence, they are always there. a phone call, an email, a visit....and the warmth is there.
my friends have always been there for me. like most people, i have had a lot of ups and downs in my life, but i can't think of a time when i have ever been alone. though i have lived the last two years away from my closest friends, it has only been a physical distance. i am thrilled to have a reunion when i return home next week. i can only hope that i have been as true a friend, as warm, as open, as valued as my friends are to me.
so, to all of know who you are... thank you. thank you for being there for me. for supporting me through all my craziness...for calling me a bitch when i am...for holding me when my heart was weakened...for keeping me up with all the home gossip....for never forgetting my birthday even though i forget yours....for matching wit to my sarcasm....for not trying to understand me...or lecturing me too much...for not asking me to be serious....or realistic....for reminding me to (or making me!) take my medicine...and sleeping in those awful chairs when i was in the hospital....for talking me out of things i really shouldn't have done...and not laughing at me when i failed the things you couldn't talk me out of....
to all my friends...thank you. i love you dearly and i cherish you always.
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