November 3rd, 2001

don't fear death

more on butterflies....

butterflies keep providing me with analogies. i'm one of those people with a brain that goes a mile a minute when it is time to go to is when i really should write, but i am generally too lazy to go through the efforts of getting a pen or getting to the keys. so, last night, as i was drifting between the world of wakefulness and the land of dreams i was thinking how my life is like a butterfly. two wings....two hopes. what if they cannot come together to complete the butterfly so she may fly?

on the one wing is my dream of india and my work there. this wing is spread wide and colorful as this dream comes alive...

on the other, is my loneliness....folded and colorless.

can i have both? color the loneliness with a friend, a partner, a lover, a Master? and keep the other wing wide and bright by working in india a while and traveling? there are over 6,183,976,402 in the world. surely one of them shares my dreams and is compatible?

i know i should be grateful for what i do have, and what i have been given. but i so long to share...

i'd love some feedback on this one!

guess i will just be a gimpy flutterby for a while ;)
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