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snagged from serijules

1. My uncle once used to:
be a texas ranger. as a kid i thought that was cool, but cooler was that he could tear a telephone book in half.

2. Never in my life will I:
eat meat

3. When I was five:
my father was stationed on johnston island in the pacific. i lived waiting for him to come home!

4. High school was:
a bit too wild

5. I will never forget:
true friends

6. Once I met:
eugene hütz. yeah i am still psyched over it ;)

7. There’s this boy I know:
who probably doesn't know my world revolves around him....
my son :)

8. Once, at a bar:
i had sex in the ladies room

9. By noon, I’m usually:
thinking about leaving for class

10. Last night:
i watched the debate.

11. If only I had:

12. Next time I go to church:
uh IF it happens, lightning will probably strike me and i will sneeze a lot

13. What worries me most:
i can haz good gradskool?

14. When I turn my head left I see:
boats out the window

15. When I turn my head right I see:
piled books, a plant, incense holder and water bottle

16. You know I’m lying when:
i can't look you in the eye

17. What I miss most about the Eighties is:
my dad

18. If I were a character in Shakespeare I’d be:

19. By this time next year:
i can has good gradskool?

20. A better name for me would be:
i am perfectly content with my name. my father gave it to me and it is greek for honeybee

21. I have a hard time understanding:
how a woman could support palin. i am neither democrat nor republican; i vote platform. i could probably half way deal with mccain, but palin will set women back 100 years.

22. If I ever go back to college:
you mean if i ever leave?

23. You know I like you if:
answer the phone when you call - if i actually hear it ring

24. If I ever won an award, the first person I would thank would be:
my son

25. Take my advice, never:
jump into a relationship blindly

26. My ideal breakfast is:
espresso and OJ

27. A song I love but do not have is:
hmmmm....i have all the songs i love :)

28. If you visit my hometown, I suggest you:
leave your cares behind

29. Why won’t people:
live and let live

30. If you spend a night at my house:
you will be cramped, but gently rocked to sleep

31. I'd stop my wedding for:
anything. not gonna happen

32. The world could do without:

33. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than:
eat meat

34. My favourite blonde(s) is/are:
wow....now that i think about it...i don't know any!

35. Paper clips are more useful than:

36. If I do anything well it’s:

37. I can’t help but:
procrastinate shopping...i hate it

38. I usually cry:
when i am really angry

39. My advice to my child/nephew/niece:
live....it is better to look back and say "i shouldn't have" than to look back and say "i wish i had"

40. And by the way:
i got a 99 on my latin test today!!



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Oct. 9th, 2008 08:13 pm (UTC)
26. My ideal breakfast is:
espresso and OJ

Given the recent jury verdict I think that you may have to wait for the latter for some time. Although knowing you expresso will suffice in copious quantities :))
Oct. 9th, 2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
ha ha ha....
that was good ;)
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