melissa muses (or maia, you choose) (melissamuse) wrote,
melissa muses (or maia, you choose)

i joined 100poems a couple of days ago in a vain effort to make myself write more (i'm posting them here too).....clearly it is an effort that is a bit too forced.
so, a little more fun today......between writing this damn paper.

have i mentioned that i hate APA?
and add, to that
it is a bad, bad grammar day.

should i use that or which?
or maybe,
it is the clause that i should switch?

add to bibliography or footnote?
nevermind it,
i'll delete that which i just wrote

Word says my line is passive?
i beg to differ,
its my aggression which is massive.

don't tell me i can't verb a noun,
it is a skill,
for which i am widely renown.

here is yet another comma splice
not my bad
its grammar that ain't very nice.
Tags: my poetry

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