melissa muses (or maia, you choose) (melissamuse) wrote,
melissa muses (or maia, you choose)

A Plea to my Muse

A Plea to my Muse

my White Goddess, where have you gone?
gather your silks and come down from Helicon
slip among your sister muses as they dream
step gently, silently in Selene's torch agleam

awaken, my lost nymph, from death's eclipse
kiss sweetly pretty Polyhymnia's pensive lips
so you may inhale her hymnal mystical melody
and once again sing sacred sonnets to me

take whirling Terpisichore's plucking plectrum
lightly lift away Erato's lovely lyre and softly strum
so you may delight in dance with love's decree
and once again deliver undying devotion to me

tenderly tear pages from Calliope's waxed tablet
wrap them carefully within Clio's secret scroll
so you may combine calligraphy of epic history
and once again entrust erotic epyllia to me

place Thalia's ivy wreath around Urania's globe
secretly slip them both 'neath your saffron robe
so you may know the satire of stars so heavenly
and once again lead lyrical laughter to me

dampen your lips, my missing muse gone mute
whisper whimsically into Euterpe's fragile flute
so you may play the piece of pleasure perfectly
and once again bestow boundless bliss to me

veil your paleness with Melpomene's midnight mask
from well waters of Aganippe fill your forsaken flask
so you may become tipsy on timeless tragedy
and once again impart inscribed inspiration to me

my muse, depart now those daughters of Zeus
come again and turn my saddened spirit loose
i will forgive and paint with prose your portrayal
because i have forgotten your cruel past betrayal
Tags: my poetry

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