melissa muses (or maia, you choose) (melissamuse) wrote,
melissa muses (or maia, you choose)

the lemming falls again

i snagged this from both beaten_grace and beth_

Ten years ago, I... (umm can't really remember that long ago...)
1. lived in a shoebox
2. was going through a divorce
3. was diagnosed with MS

Five years ago, I..
1. lived in india
2. was madly, hopelessly in love
3. lost that love

Three years ago, I...
1. lived on a boat
2. was an unhealthy workaholic
3. was in a long period of unhealthy celibacy

One year ago, I...
1. lived on a different boat
2. was actually pretty happy with my life
3. was back in school full-time

So far this year, I've...
1. lived in Prague
2. lived in a house
3. with two people i love

Yesterday, I...
1. wandered around a city somewhere in europe ;)
2. had blueberry dumplings for dinner
3. became a member of someone's "team" and smiled about it

Today, I...
1. live in a little room
2. woke up
3. answered these questions!

Tomorrow, I... (too far ahead to plan!)
1. probably do some homework
2. go to the market
3. do laundry
Tags: revealing memes

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