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today i feel better...quite rested actually. i suppose that is normal for sleeping about 40 hours out of the last 46!
it is also a sock day. i love sock days. the cold is creeping in just enough that fuzzy socks make me very happy. i love winter. sleeping with the windows open so that i feel warm and safe bundled up in a blanket, but the fresh air fills the room, cold enough to make me feel so very alive. it could be ten degrees outside and i would still have the window open. on the boat, on the water...the cold wind would whip through the hatch, the lines would squeak and strain against the rippling room would be freezing, but i would be content as could be with my electric blanket and fuzzy socks.

hot tea, open windows, fuzzy socks, long is pretty good in this very moment.

i am in a city i love. a city in fall and on the brink of winter. the leaves are golden, orange, and the colors of the sky on fire at sunset. they drift from the trees on the wind's breath and settle, slowly to the ground, where lovers walk over them and children bury themselves. today is beautiful.
in fact, today is one of the most beautiful days i have ever seen.
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