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Saving Karyn

amazing...this woman ran herself into debt....created a website to ask for money to pay it off and collected over $10,000. if she can do this, can't i too? i mean i didn't run myself into debt, but i ran myself into charity work, intentionally. i took a job that pays $9600 a year (yes, that really is per year). so maybe i just need to make myself a website and say, "please send food and money" and i will survive my year of service? especially from the patriots, what with the presidents call to service and the social campaigns sweeping the nation. if just a handful of people send me $5.00 each week, i could better than survive the year.
hmmmm.....what cha think?


don't fear death
melissa muses (or maia, you choose)


wandering does not make you a "gypsy."
why would you call yourself
after those who have no home?
long skirts and hoop earrings
do not make you a "gypsy."
why do you call yourself after
those who have no clothes?

"gypsy" is pejorative. please don't perpetuate the stereotype. educate yourself on what it really means to be a "gypsy" in this world.

Who are the Roma?

Decade of Roma Inclusion

Dženo Association

European Roma Rights Centre

Roma Balkans

Roma National Congress

Romani World



Rroma Media Network

Soros Roma Initiatives

Studii Romani

The European Union and Roma

The Patrin Webjournal: Romani Culture and History

Voice of Roma
World Bank Roma Initiatives

Have a Happy Day! :)

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