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just a quick update that all is well and am loving paris. it seems so different from my last trip!
linda and i are having so much fun.... the goal seems to be to raise our blood alcohol level to that which the french regularly have.... functional drunks, perhaps. we are doing quite well with that. M introduced us to pastis, the french national drink and i think i am hooked. of course, we have taken it to a new level, drinking before dinner drinks every waking hour!
last night we went to a musical about josephine baker. i laughed and cried. though most of it was in french, they also had bits with english tributes to katrina. the stage backdrop was enlarged photos of devastated areas of new orleans. they did a second line with the dome as a backdrop and one of the cast carried a sign that said "france, please buy us back." i loved it! a lot of national pride, good bit of american bashing, but still a strong bond to new orleans.
i've discovered i am allergic to churches. appropriate, i think. i went to notre dame today and had sneezing fits the entire time i was inside. i went also to the conciergerie, the anthropological museum and a fabulous bookstore with over 30,000 english titles! i spent most of my time in the conciergerie.... it was quite interesting. i'll post some photos over the weekend...maybe!
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