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the big bully pissing off putin

american media is a joke and provides us travelers with more embarrassing moments than we already have. as if it isn't enough that bush is playing bully in the czech republic, CNN couldn't even get the name of the czech president right when it announced that bush was meeting his czech counterpart Klaus Topolanek. well they got the name half backwards and half right. the president, by the way, is Vaclav Klaus and the minister is Mirek Topolanek.

for those not keeping up with the tender czech-bush relations, the us wants to place a radar system in the czech republic and interceptor rockets in poland...for our protection and best interests, of course, against possible attacks, despite the fact that doing so could make a potential target out of the CR and worsen relations with russia. opponents (about 70% of czechs) accuse the US of rekindling the cold war and are petitioning for a national referendum. here are the mechanics of the plan.

putin has warned that it will aim missles at europe if plans to build the system continue.
take a peek at this chart and compare russia with the us....
do we really want to piss off russia? who is it that really scares bush? and if putin has no intention of using missiles, why does he care about the shield?



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Jun. 9th, 2007 01:19 pm (UTC)
Back when Bush vetoed an anti-torture bill that passed the Senate 98-2, The Onion had a Man-on-the-Street about it where the line was "sometimes I just don't know when this administration is kidding anymore."

I wish we didn't continually have those kind of moments on practically a daily basis.

Heard Bush on the radio last night clarifying that "we are not at war with Russia." Jesus. When that's something you need to clarify for people... seriously, this guy's bullshit passed out the other side of funny into scary long ago.

Since about the first year of his illegitimate presidency, I've been saying we'll be doing great if we get out of this presidency without a major depression and another world war. He's got another 18 months to fuck things up; I wouldn't put it past him. It disturbs me how likely I think it is that he will go down in history alongside Nero, as the head of state most iconically responsible for the collapse of an empire.

God, I wish there were another way I could talk about this administration besides "cathartic rant." Thank you; I'm done now.
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