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i have left new orleans many times over my life. i always come home, but i always leave again. utah, kansas city, india..... i have never been so homesick. i feel a bit like i have betrayed a lover, ill and bedridden, by taking off for brighter lights. they say home is in the heart, but i think there are always physical places we call home. you know, those places where, after being away a while, you let out a long sigh when you walk out of the airport and inhale or turn a curve and come into the cityscape. i've always felt that way when i go home. the inhale from the airport is exhaust and humidity in its own sweetness. or rolling in across the twin spans, the sailboats sprinkling the horizon. i know cities have their own personalities, but there are so many cubbies in my heart that are uniquely new orleans. music, food, words, attitude, places..... friends.
i should be happy to miss out on the heat of the summer, eh?
still... i miss sitting on the deck of the boat with a glass of wine, feeding the ducks and watching the sun set over the lake. i am spoiled sleeping on the water, being rocked to sleep. i want to ride my bike on the lake on sunday morning after staying out much too late in the marigny saturday night. :)
there is something different in being away this time..... maybe it is the disastrous bond of katrina or maybe, in some silly way, i don't want the city that care forgot to think i forgot to care.


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Jun. 5th, 2007 01:21 am (UTC)
It Does Have a Way of Getting in Your Blood
I love going to Seattle in the summer now. The place is clean, the people are educated, there really isn't any racism, and the people actually obey the laws. But after I've been there for a while I feel out of place, not having to look over my shoulder everywhere I go. Has New Orleans corrupted me so much that when I go to another place I feel out of touch because there is no filth, no grime, and a lower rate of crime?

I saw a guy in Seattle try to cross the street but he wasn't in a cross walk or crossing from a corner. He must have been out of town, because his buddy pulled him back by the sleeve of his coat and said, "Hey man, you gotta watch it, we don't J-walk around here. You could get a ticket for that."

To which I'm thinking, "Jay walk?" Hell, in New Orleans we have signs on the street that scream "THOU SHALT NOT KILL!" at you. I mean c'mon, J-walking doesn't even pop up on the mother fuckin radar screen!

What has this place done to me that I can hate it so much, at times, but feel out of place when I'm not here?,
Jun. 5th, 2007 05:53 am (UTC)
Re: It Does Have a Way of Getting in Your Blood
of course it isn't all that that i miss...... i am such a glass half full girl. i guess i will always choose to see the bright side of the big easy.
maybe you feel out of place because you realize that too :)
Jun. 5th, 2007 11:56 am (UTC)
Re: It Does Have a Way of Getting in Your Blood
Yeah, I love the food, the musice, and the resiliency of the people. When we were on evacuation up in Madison WI, we helped serve New Orleans food at a charity event for New Orleans. They had a band there playing New Orleans Jazz, and while they were technically very good musicians, there was something missing in their music. Somehow it wasn't quite like the way they play it here. Then it also hit me that everyone who was in attendence was sitting down. You don't go to a music event in New Orleans and everyone is just sitting on their asses! Oh, no, we get up and dance around, move our bodies to the rythym of the beat, and party like crazy, like there isn't going to be a tomorrow.That's one of the differences about New Orleans compared to everywhere else, there seems to be more of a sense of fun, we seem able to put the bullshit behind us for a while and just have a really really good time.

We've been going to these free concerts in Lafayette square on Wednesday evenings and I almost cry every time we go. Here are these people who spend most of their days pulling muck and debri out of their homes, putting up dry wall and rebuilding their homes, and yet they take time out of their Wednesday nights to go down to the square, eat some great food, listen to fantastic music, and just have an overall great time, in spite of the daunting task of rebuilding this city.

That's New Orleans!
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