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all hail lazarsfeld

sociologically speaking, media research *is* the engaging research of prague, particularly of charles university. methods, seminars and out-dated buzz words revolve around lazarsfeld. one student even told me that if you are ever in doubt of an exam answer, that answer is lazarsfeld. i will remember that. sort of like me and baseball trivia answers....sandy koufax.
it isn't that i've no interest in lazarsfeld. in fact, i do, but in research methodologies, not necessarily in media research. as is the case in european universities, a portion of the class is dedicated to seminars, during which students give presentations. i must add here, that the professor doesn't hesitate to mention that some topics "could be for the ladies" and some for the men. hummmph. we are to choose these topics from a four page bibliography of articles. i simply can't decide... i bet i won't go wrong if i choose from lazarsfeld.
no classes today.....dying for a cigareta! 3 days......grrrrrrrrr



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Mar. 1st, 2007 04:12 pm (UTC)
"the professor doesn't hesitate to mention that some topics "could be for the ladies" and some for the men."

Can you do your paper on media depictions of gender? ;)

What is your field of study? My husband teaches a number of "media effects" courses, like Journalism, Gender and Race; and Film and TV as Shaper of the Public Mind. Naturally, I'm curious if you're studying something similar.
Mar. 1st, 2007 04:25 pm (UTC)
it is funny that you say that.... one of the articles is Schramm's "Men, Women, Messages and the Media"
i thought about that one...but will probably go with Lazersfeld's Language of Social Research. although this is a communications research course, it is elective. i took it for the exposure to more research methodologies... while i am interested in language and interpersonal communications, media isn't a focus. my focus is cybersociology, religion and classical theory. the former two revolving around self and identity, thus, ultimately, communication. :)
it sounds like this course has trappings of what your husband teaches and there are certainly other courses like his here. this one - at least i hope and according to the syllabus - should be more theory and method than practice.
Mar. 1st, 2007 08:15 pm (UTC)
"my focus is cybersociology, religion and classical theory. the former two revolving around self and identity, thus, ultimately, communication. " -

sounds quite gibberish. do they actually teach something like this nowadays?!
Mar. 2nd, 2007 04:24 am (UTC)
i assume you are talking about cybersociology? the field of mine that sounds "gibberish"? course, it could be religion....
tell me something, how often do you communicate online? interact with others from behind a screen? attempt to project who/what you are without face-to-face interaction?
how about developing relationships through this medium? thousands do every day. they also play online games in which they create a separate identity that may, or may not, relfect who they are in personality, appearance and sex.
we telecommute, working through the internet, communicating with clients, co-workers and management. we hold online meetings, conferences and classes! many of us actually communicate more from behind the keyboard than we do in person.
some of us make assumptions about other people's interests from behind the screen ;)
do they teach it? it is an emerging field. Video Game Theory, or ludology, is a special interest of mine. so while classes may be limited it is a perfect field, and a perfect time, to break into for the future. the online medium will only continue to grow. clinics will begin to see patients over the internet, more people will telecommute, more universities will offer classes online...surely you see the direction it is going? it is a major contributor to globalization. google cybersociology.....
think about it..... i am sitting in the czech republic. you, possibly in st. louis. we don't know much more about each other at all. yet, we have each, in some way, communicated and presented ourselves to the other. when millions of people do this, don't you think it is possible for it to not be gibberish but a field of study?
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