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i am home...... here is my zip code update as of today:

Sewer: Sewer system is inoperative.
Water: Water for fire protection only - not potable. (Umm...i don’t have running water anyway)
Elect: -0% of power available.
Gas: 9% available.
Debris: 3.1 M cubic yards collected to date.
Transportation: Roads Inspected 90%; Signals Operational 0%; Temporary Stop Signs 100%.
911: Operational

coming up.....

55 feet of steel....poor thing. she really had walls...

my computer desk is there....a chair or two.....the rest of the furniture is gone...think the fishies have remodeled their homes?
here is what she looked like before

my little sailboat .... a balancing act
Kama Bay is my new baby....isn't she beautiful? built in 1969...all wood. will write the wonderful story of her soon.
Kama Bay

but, it is good to be home! who else is around? wanna share some java?
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