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vote for the sugar tax ;)

i am not a supporter of our food stamp system. bleeding heart liberal that i am, there should be strict rules and enforcements for recipients. there should be a time limit based upon efforts and reasonable time for bettering oneself through education and training. further, some purchases should be absolutely, positively not allowed. after all, it is my tax money going toward these purchases, my tax money that pays for rotten teeth and health problems. and my tax money that goes toward newly initiated government programs for obese youth. i should have more of a say.
woman in front of me at grocery: 4 gallons of ice cream, 2 sticky syrupy stuff for on top of the ice cream, several large bags of chips, over processed frozen dinners, cases of Chex soda, ramen noodles galore, pig's something or other in a jar, a last minute handful of candy bars, a large box of sugary cereal, disgusting hot dogs, buns and a big jar of strawberry jelly.
purchased with, yes, ladies and gentlemen, your money - the louisiana purchase card.
not one apple, one carton of juice...not a granola grains.... absolutely nothing worth putting in a child's mouth and growing system at all.
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