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vote for the sugar tax ;)

i am not a supporter of our food stamp system. bleeding heart liberal that i am, there should be strict rules and enforcements for recipients. there should be a time limit based upon efforts and reasonable time for bettering oneself through education and training. further, some purchases should be absolutely, positively not allowed. after all, it is my tax money going toward these purchases, my tax money that pays for rotten teeth and health problems. and my tax money that goes toward newly initiated government programs for obese youth. i should have more of a say.
woman in front of me at grocery: 4 gallons of ice cream, 2 sticky syrupy stuff for on top of the ice cream, several large bags of chips, over processed frozen dinners, cases of Chex soda, ramen noodles galore, pig's something or other in a jar, a last minute handful of candy bars, a large box of sugary cereal, disgusting hot dogs, buns and a big jar of strawberry jelly.
purchased with, yes, ladies and gentlemen, your money - the louisiana purchase card.
not one apple, one carton of juice...not a granola bar...no grains.... absolutely nothing worth putting in a child's mouth and growing system at all.



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Jul. 21st, 2005 03:20 pm (UTC)
i've noticed and felt the same thing...at my last job, i worked to try to secure funding for a local childhood obesity program and reviewed data and research on the problem....there's some interesting research on the relationship between poverty and nutrition/childhood obesity, as well as affordability & availability of "nutritious" foods for children....anyway, it's stressful seeing those kinds of purchases....
Aug. 6th, 2005 06:41 pm (UTC)
Dear amused, musing (and growling) lady:
I do agree with you, and somewhat share your feelings and reactions to this problem.
However, I would like to point out that, as a rule of thumb, people who are in a position that makes it necessary to use food stamps, or in this case, the "louisiana purchase card", (something I had not heard about, at least by that name), owe it to lack of, or at least poor, education, which in turn, gives origin to, amongst other things, poor eating habits.
Deficient education also makes for a mass which is easier prey to publicity and it's preaching of the values of instant gratification, fed through brain (and body, in time,) distorting TV.
It should be also contemplated that overweight, indolent, poor, people are less likely to acquire a conscience of their condition, and take any action to better themselves. Not a small benefit for the other sectors.... imagine who would cut lawns, do the tedious dirty work in the hot restaurant kitchens etc. etc. Masses gaining awareness would play havoc in the Belle Big Easy and other places of gluttonous fame....It could become necessary to bring in more immigrants, but those, due to years of true deprivation, and sometimes hunger, seem to be much more alert, have taken better care of their education, and will not last long in the lower ranks, those ungrateful foreigners!!!... pesky situation indeed!!
Fortunately we have already taken the first steps to promote our magnificent way of life, our values, our pristine Democracy, elsewhere in the planet, by exporting and implementing MacDonald's all over the world... how fun!! So rewarding, so thoughtful, to slowly bring them into the fold without the need of even one, little, miserable nuke!!
Some stolid, solid, citizens might think that you brought upon yourself the distress you experienced, by shopping at that particular Winn-Dixie, instead of keeping your nose slightly higher in the air, and choosing a more exclusive store, much more exclusive, where a delicate spirit would not be subjected to the presence of those poor, poor people, and their unhealthy habits. Furthermore, these stores smell much better.
It is I who is now amused, albeit in a positive way, when I see a self- proclaimed, liberal, bleeding heart, using the words "my tax money", so characteristic of extreme right, self-righteous, pious (Christian only)(and the true Branch, also), robots.
Seriously, now, I believe it is all a matter of education, and the way we are going, unfortunately, there are going to be many more obese people in this country, for a long time.

Aug. 7th, 2005 07:00 pm (UTC)
ok, Cesarone.... let's do something about it.
I am armed with a couple of hundred flyers declaring that the farmer's market now takes food stamps. I am working on getting them to come out to the community center i run (in a poor, unhealthy housing development) once a month. yes, it starts with education. put your actions where your words are....
when do you want to start volunteering?
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