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i went last night to see Fahrenheit 9/11. Moore is, once again, a brilliant filmmaker. the theater was packed, packed as in - sold out. i like Moore - i admire him... but it doesn’t mean i believe every word he says. i am a researcher by nature and tend to run off to find the facts when i am interested or provoked ;). much of Fahrenheit i’d already researched from previous readings and argume---errr...debates with my conservative friends. everyone should see this movie and judge those facts presented in the movie. yes, of course, they are presented with some bias, but that is precisely the bias you get everyday when you tune in to american media. it isn’t often we get to see and hear the other side in the mainstream.
this country’s media shows us one side and i still think too many americans limit themselves to american media. i hate american media. i’ve said it before and i will say it again. many americans don’t know how to open their minds beyond their own little country. open your reading to The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Globe and Mail and more outside media. Watch WorldLink. you don’t have to be liberal minded to take in both sides, you only have to be willing to understand that there is a side other than your own - and other than the american side.

just how world news savvy are most americans?

take my quiz....

whether the film causes americans to vote against bush or incites them even more to vote for bush doesn’t matter. what matters is that every american eligible to do so, VOTE. and that every american considers, carefully, both sides.

Do you know if you are in a swing state?

Swing States

“Error should be tolerated where truth is free to combat it.”
~Thomas Jefferson
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