melissa muses (or maia, you choose) (melissamuse) wrote,
melissa muses (or maia, you choose)

tossed my name at googlism this morning.... thought it would be fun to see what was accurate and/or fix what isn’t ;) give it a try....

maia is
maia is the “prequel” to shardik by british author richard adams ....and my namesake
maia is a “prequel” to shardik and takes place largely in bekla
maia is probably depicted as the left i have been told!
maia is a sequel to shardik ....sequel but prequel
maia is a portfolio management system that addresses the requirements of the private client portfolio manager or stock broker ....maia can’t manage her own portfolio
maia is the largest association in michigan for the independent insurance agent ....this maia has never been to michigan
maia is in touch with all the important issues ....she likes to think so
maia is more comfortable in her role than the hapless mr ....the hapless mr who? i am probably more comfortable in my role than any hapless mister
maia is a simple process of elimination ....isn’t that comforting?
maia is also a freelance writer ....tries to be
maia is ondersteuning bieden aan mensen die een roeping voelen om stervenden met muziek te begeleiden ....uh huh...maia doesn’t know what this says!
maia is also goddess of creativity and fertility ....let’s leave out fertility
maia is mainly remembered as the goddess of spring and rebirth
maia is for sale could say that
maia is a special place that will soothe your soul ....or upsets it to no end!
maia is still in its early development stages ....aren’t we all?
maia is an xml ....that too
maia is the goddess of spring and rebirth
maia is a unit of the administrative arm of the ministry of land ....i would rather be sea
maia is a hostel for overseas students room here
maia is a greek name for the goddess of spring
maia is to develop an inexpensive ....way of living??
maia is disconnected ....from a lot of things
maia is producing assessments at four levels of integration ....which 4?
maia is bij de oude grieken een arkadische nymf en moeder van hermes ....yeah ok
maia is a love story ....and a tragedy
maia is well versed in military strategy and tactic ....if strategy is “get the hell out of iraq” i will take it
maia is an orphan at a boarding school in england
maia is an ancient greek goddess of growth and regeneration
maia is a very good actor and appears in many plays ....the plays of life
maia is a brown and white minilop ears are not so big
maia is 17 years old and in high school in wisconsin ....ah to be 17 again
maia is a freshman in college and has been advocating for herself since she was two ....i was once
maia is a ....oh this one is wide open.....go ahead....i dare you
maia is attested in two sources ....which 2?
maia is presently 21mos old and is 35 inches tall and 47 ....i found my inner child
maia is in a super ....super...super....super something
maia is believed to be that reincarnation ....of....i’ll pick joan of arc
maia is now touring for the new cd ....raising money for the Kerry campaign!! ;)
maia is a sparky wee girl with a winning smile knows a lot about my inner child
maia is just what people want to hear ....actually they usually don’t because they know she wants something!
maia is excited ....easily
maia is not liable for any damage or injury ....exactly
maia is currently a research assistant on the visual project ....of life
maia is known as the first ....woman to sail around the world on a 21’ sloop!
maia is banana and the scientific name is musacae or musa ....this is just weird
maia is the only course that i have been on that does not have any slides always said i didn’t come with an instruction guide
maia is healthy
maia is a threat
maia is very down
....i’ll go with all three of these
maia is also ....wasting a lot of time right now
maia is an organization that was formed in order to unite the native american community in missouri and kansas so they ....raise money for her causes
maia is connected to the following things ....fill in the blanks
maia is a complete software device realised to supply all the tools necessary to the creation of a tailored virtual community other words, maia doesn’t have a real life
maia is tall and lanky but feminine nonetheless ....minus tall and lanky
maia is an old soul and a new friend ....i like this one
maia is the savior of all creation and her fate is written in the book of the prophets ....creepy
maia is a suburb of porto ....where is this?
maia is now available in the aappv3 package and was implemented in the cms operational scheme ....and she is available for parties
maia is a spiral based on the golden mean the great scheme of the universe, life and everything
maia is director and one of the featured musician on ....fraggle rock’s newest cd
maia is dedicated to building a sturdy program life’s goal
maia is housebroken ....and obedient ;)
maia is growing and changing so fast ....that no one can keep up with her
maia is exploring the rainforest and discovering things she never knew before ....sounds like my workplace
maia is an eye catching show stopper who has good lead changes ....but comes at a high price
maia is made up of michigan’s advertising industry ....michigan again
maia is a thief / assassin, avariel cleric
maia is based on the ldap standard ....nothing standard about me
maia is about 5’7” ....minus 2 inches
maia is 5 1/2 years old and attends kindergarten in sacramento inner child is on the web a lot
maia is the individual videoconference system that allows for the simultaneous transmission of images ....see how technologically advance i am
maia is available under one of the six categories outlined below ....another fill in the blanks
maia is only ....trying......
maia is sleeping and lou is sitting on the couch that opens up into a bed ....sleeping????
maia is vocational training and education for young maori ....
maia is right ....but of course
maia is zapped with a mighty influx of magic must be magic
maia is a director at bancboston ventures i have another job
maia is a member of the national association of student personnel administration ....and another
maia is travelling with the extraordinary miss minton to live with unknown ....creatures deep in the rain forests
maia is an orphan ....
maia is pleased to offer web space for sharing them ....
maia is along for the ride ....this may be my favorite, i sure am
maia is planning to welcome maiif members at the arrival gates at narita airport on 4 october and to guide them to the limousine bus ....and to the center for 6 months of volunteer work!
maia is so small before we go out we have to lock the cat flap so that she can’t escape ....i need to be locked up well ;)
maia is not a baby any more ....awww...i am too
maia is mainly remembered today as the goddess of spring and rebirth
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