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being stuck at home and bored, i thought i would take eHarmony’s personality test.... why am i not surprised that they couldn’t find a match for me?
either way, it was pretty damn accurate....

You want to be seen as an innovator, but at times may forget some of the small details necessary to carry out the plan.

Being active, you make decisions quickly without consulting others for their opinions. As a result, your decision-making style may occasionally cause tension.

You are definitely your own person, and do not rely on others for advice or counsel. You inherently need independence from others.

You take a “never say never” approach to new opportunities, and strongly desire attempting the untried. As a result, you may undertake things which have never been suggested before.

You want others to know you are independent by nature; and you may even leave activities just as a reminder to others that you may not want or need the present activity.

You are always striving for individuality, and take every opportunity to ensure that you enjoy it in an unusual and free lifestyle. You prefer an unstructured approach that can change at your will.

You are not wishy-washy about ideas or opinions. You are firm, direct, persistent and opinionated about activities. Others always know right where you stand on all issues.

You communicate honestly and forthrightly with others. You offer quick reactions, and sometimes shoot from the hip, causing others to balk occasionally at your directness. You have a strong need to be truthful and straight in communications.

In making decisions and communicating those decisions to others, you may seem somewhat arbitrary about certain ideas. Others may view you as a “hip-shooter.”

More quiet and conventional people may find you to be unconventional and uninhibited in your interactions with others. Your bluntness and directness may shock some.

You may be very outgoing and social in meeting new people, especially if you have an agenda that you want to address. You like to create the impression in others that you are bold, innovative and daring.

The unwritten message you may believe in, but not communicate fully to others, is to live life to its fullest and to do as much as possible to enrich personal experiences.

Having a partner who understands and practices these traits is important to your long-term happiness:
Show sincere interest as a person.
Ask “How” questions to draw out opinions.
Find areas of common interest and involvement.
Work to achieve mutual satisfaction.
Patiently draw out personal interests.
Get to the bottom line of the problem and speak at a rapid pace.
Provide solid, yes or no answers--don’t say maybe.
Expect some resistance if you don’t get your way. (heh)
Be precise about the use of time for an active and busy person.
Flatter ego. (nah)

Following are some of the specific strengths and/or personal characteristics that you bring to a relationship.:
You tend to be self-reliant and not enjoy relying solely on others.
You tend to give others a sense of self-reliance and strength in a relationship.
You tend to approach problems in a creative way.
You are excellent at listening to the concerns and ideas of others.
You are good at helping other people reach their goals.
You take pride in being very loyal to friends and family.
You are a dependable and caring partner.
You like to resolve issues well the first time, and then move on.
You are passionate about your ideals.
You are good at reconciling (i.e. you don’t like to sulk after a conflict is resolved).
You tend to be a very calming influence in heated situations.
You tend to work hard at making sure that other people are happy.

You may want:
Sound relationships which form naturally, and are not contriving or scheming.
Social recognition of your accomplishments.
Support of your ideas and dreams.
Freedom from many controls and limitations of creativity.
Partners who practice listening and participation.
Acceptance in a variety of groups.
Time and opportunity to weigh pros and cons of decisions.
Activities involving contact with many people.
Security for now, and in the future.
Peace and harmony.
(only the first and last one fits to me)
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